Child Photographer – Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of Business

Child Photographer - Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of Business

A child photographer is a wonderful profession for those who love young fidgets and is able to make beautiful pictures, and also to find a common language with small customers. This type of business is able to bring not only good income but also to bring pleasure from work.

Before embarking on the implementation of a business idea, you need to familiarize yourself with its specifics. It is necessary to understand that the children’s photo session is different from the adult one. Kids cannot be forced to stand for a long time in one pose. The photographer has only a few seconds to catch a good shot. In addition, children under 5 years are not always able to withstand a photo session, the duration of which is more than an hour.

What Is Necessary For Implementation: Working Tools Of A Child Photographer

A photographer who prefers to work with children can provide his services in the studio, in parallel conducting exit photo sessions. In view of the first point, care should be taken to rent and arrange a suitable premise. To travel to nature or to other places for photography, you will need special equipment and suitable thematic props (often brought with you by the customers themselves).Child Photographer - Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of Business

At the initial stage of implementing a business idea, it is necessary to ensure good technical equipment. For this you need to purchase:

  • mirror camera with a full-size matrix;
  • several lenses of different configurations;
  • a computer with the programs installed on it, designed for photo processing;
  • Professional color printer.

Also, do not forget about buying accessories:

  • Convenient and roomy bag for carrying the camera and other necessary items for work;
  • Background (for shooting in the studio);
  • Soffits to create suitable lighting;
  • Tripods.

For legal employment of this type of business, it is desirable to register as an individual entrepreneur. Additionally, you can open an account with the bank for deductions to social funds.Child Photographer - Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of Business

Child photographer – a photographer with camera

It should be understood that the number of customers, making a profit, will depend on the quality of the photos. Parents like to admire the beautiful pictures of their kids, so they primarily prefer photographers who are able to cope with their work at a professional level. Given this fact, you need to master the art of photography. To do this, you may need to undergo training at special courses, the cost of which must be paid in the cost part of the business idea.

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How to find customers?

Beginners of children’s photographers often face the problem of finding the first order. To inform potential customers about their services, you need to make a quality portfolio for publication on the Internet (on the business card site or bulletin boards). You can place your proposals in the contextual advertising block, in which thousands of users will see.

An effective way to declare you and earn well is to visit kindergartens and schools in the city with the goal of organizing photo sessions. You can always agree with the director or the head of the provision of services on the premises of the institution for a small fee of 10-15% of the income received.Child Photographer - Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of Business

As an example, you can take a few photos of the children in the portfolio and carefully process them. These pictures are to be shown to parents, among whom there are always potential customers.

Similarly, you need to advertise your services at school. Group and personal photos are often ordered by parents of students of lower grades.

Options For Children’s Photos: What Do Customers Like?

In order for orders to appear and the number of clients to grow rapidly, you need to approach creativity: come up with new design ideas, postures, and stories. Before the beginning of a photographer’s career or already in the process, you need to master a graphics editor, with which it is convenient to perform the original processing of images. This will create photos on the background of forest, sea, sights of different countries, etc.Child Photographer - Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of Business

Usually, a child photographer is in demand if he can offer the appropriate props for a child’s shooting. Popular photos are used to decorate children in costumes of various characters: a bear, a red cap, a soldier, a sailor, a flight attendant, etc. For the sake of economy, you can agree to rent such outfits with a specialized firm.

How Much Money Do You Need To Spend On Implementing A Business Idea?

To calculate the forthcoming amount of expenses, it is necessary, to sum up, the cost of equipment and props:

  • A professional camera – 8 hundred Dollars;
  • Lens – 1 thousand Dollars;
  • Flash – Two hundred fifty Dollars;
  • Props – 4 hundred Dollars.

The purchase of all these positions will require two thousand four hundred fifty Dollars.

Profitability: what profit to expect a young child photographer?

To work as a child photographer is interesting and profitable. The profitability of this occupation is about 80%.

At first, the photographer’s work is always unprofitable. This period will continue as long as a permanent clientele is being developed.Child Photographer - Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of Business

As an example of calculating the estimated profit, you can take the work of a child photographer in a kindergarten.

Initial data: 25 children in the group, for whom you can make both individual and group photos. In the amount of about 40 pictures will be purchased. The average cost of one beautifully designed and processed photo editor is two Dollars. This means that as a result of one photo session in a kindergarten, you can earn 10 Dollars. And if there are several of them, the amount of income will also increase.

You can offer your services in circles of children’s creativity, developing centers, sports sections, gaming halls, dance schools, etc. It should also be remembered that studio photography is an essential source of income.

Child Photographer - Creative Realization And Profitable Type Of BusinessCons of Business Idea

The main disadvantage of working as a children’s photographer is the presence of competitors who can go to school, kindergarten or a circle before you. As a result, parents who have recently purchased fresh pictures will not buy them again in the near future.

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The success of the project requires the photographer to have a good self-organization. It is necessary to clearly allocate time for photo sessions, work in children’s institutions and processing of finished images. If at least one link is broken in the chain of the entire process, “blockages” will begin to appear, which will lead to a delay in the execution of orders. As a result, the reputation of the photographer in the eyes of customers will drop dramatically.

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