Get your first Home with Low Doc Home Loan


A lot of homeowners would never think of a low doc home loan when buying a property. Unfortunately, millions of potential homeowners around the country find it difficult to finance their dream homes. The trouble all starts with the mortgage lenders and how sceptical they are about small business owners. Some lenders are wary about offering a home loan to those with small businesses because they might not have the same type of funding as other buyers. It can be a pain; however, a low documentation home loan could be the answer.

The First Obstacle is Financial Requirements

Banks and other lenders take a very dim view of those looking to buy a home. Most lenders will conduct rigorous checks to ensure they are a viable risk. This, however, creates the first problem. Some buyers do not have typical jobs. Some won’t have a regular salary because they are self-employed or run a small business. Buyers have the funds and means to pay but the documents don’t meet the lender’s strict financial requirements. With low doc home loans, you can get a smart way to buy a property.

What is a Low Doc Home Loan and Why Apply for One?

As said, you have to show a lot of documentation when applying for a mortgage. Lenders need to see you have the means to pay. Low doc home loans are quite different; while some documentation is required, it is far less than a standard loan. This is a great solution for small business owners, freelancers, and self-employed people.

Remember, other loans might not be practical. If you don’t have a ‘traditional’ or regular 9-to-5 job, you might struggle to show valid proof of income. Typically, the information you do have isn’t sufficient enough for lenders and that is what leads to rejection. A low doc home loan does not require such extensive scrutiny which is ideal. Of course, checks will be made; however, you won’t automatically be rejected for a mortgage just because your financial documents come in the form of business statements.

Who are Low Documentation Loans Aimed At?

Typically, low doc home loans are suited for those who don’t fit the criteria for standard mortgage lenders. For instance, you run a small business or are a freelance contractor. You have the funds to pay the mortgage each month; that is what low doc lenders want to know. Lenders, however, vary in terms of what documentation they required. Some will go by business activity statements; others will want tax returns in addition. It depends on the lender.

Choose the Right Loan Option for You

When you are trying to secure a mortgage to buy a home, it can be a nightmare. You might fall short of a lender’s expectations and that can mean your loan application is rejected. It isn’t pleasant and can prevent you from getting on the property ladder. Fortunately, there are alternatives to consider. A low documentation loan can be an ideal option for those who genuinely won’t be accepted for a traditional mortgage or home loan. A low doc home loan can be fantastic and helps you when you need to get your first home.