How to Calculate Discount on Calculator

How to Calculate Discount on Calculator

Do you love discount sales and promotions? And who does not! It is very practical to take advantage of the seasons in which prices are reduced, but sometimes we find it difficult to know what the final price is when discounts are applied. Usually, they are specified in percentages and we must calculate what amount corresponds to subtract it from the original price then. Here, we explain how to calculate the discount on the Calculator.

How to calculate the discount on Calculator?

We will need a Calculator. To get a faster way to calculate the discount, we recommend one of the easiest ways to achieve it. It’s about dividing the discount percentage by 100 to convert it to a decimal.

We give you an example to visualize it better:

If the discount we want to calculate is 40%, you must divide 40/100 = 0.4. Once you have it, you have to multiply the discount converted into a decimal by the original price. In this way, you will be able to find the discount percentage.

We return to an example:

If the original price is 120 dollars, the operation to be carried out will be 120 x 0.4 = 48 dollars. To conclude with our calculation of the percentage, we only need to subtract the amount of discount we have obtained from the original price.

We return to give an example for you to see more clearly:

If 48  dollars is a 40% discount of 120 dollars, to find the final price, we must subtract the lesser amount from the higher: 120-48 = 72 dollars. With these tricks, you can calculate everything in front and take advantage of the best offers.

Calculate the price of a discounted product

If you already know how to do it, don’t worry, it never hurts to review what you have learned, you could even take a method that is easier for you after reading the two ways we give you to calculate the price of discounted products.

Method 1

The drawer you had to learn at school. Just think that the discount that the product has its part of the 100% total. So, the discount is a part (or fraction) of that “total.”

For example: If a product that costs 799 cents has a 15% discount, we must think about the rest that is 100%.

100-15 = 85

We multiply the total price, minus the percentage equivalent.

799 * .85 = 679.15

It is the price of the product with a discount.

Method 2

Sometimes, equivalence is the easiest way to calculate a percentage.

To understand it: 25% of 8 equals 8% of 25. That is 2. Apply with all numbers. So, we will know how much to subtract from the total.

We recommend you use the Calculator to avoid making a mistake with the mental calculation. You can check the discounted product price if you have no calculator.

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