Saving Money on Executive Assistants

Executive assistants are assistants who report directly to executives working for a company. They handle some of the same duties that secretaries do, including making coffee, taking notes in meetings and filing paperwork. Assistants often handle more intimate jobs as well such as running errands for executives, picking out gifts for their family members and making travel arrangements for them. When you own a start up and aren’t sure if you need multiple assistants, you can reduce some of those positions and use some simple tips to save money.

Invest in New Equipment

Some of the new tech equipment available today can handle some of the same duties that assistants otherwise would. With Dictaphone c-phones, you can make phone calls, talk with clients and even hold meetings over the phone and take notes at the same time. These phones let you record and keep track of meetings that you can share with others. Some even have pedals that you can use with your feet to keep your hands free. There are some great apps for business workers too that can help you make all your travel arrangements and access documents while away from the office.

Hire Virtual Assistants

Another easy way to save on your costs is with virtual assistants. This is a type of cloud computing that lets you work with a real person located in another city or state. Virtual assistants log into a computer system and can perform a wide range of tasks for you every day. They can call clients to schedule meetings, order supplies and even do research for you. Virtual assistants typically charge by the hour and can work as long as you need. This lets you find and hire qualified assistants to work just a few hours a day.

Share Workers

If you really need assistants on-site to handle some of the tasks around your office, consider sharing assistants instead of every executive having his or her own assistant. One assistant can easily handle all the things that two or more executives need. That assistant can bounce between offices daily and take care of everything your workers need. The fewer assistants you have in the office, the less money you’ll spend. To save money on the assistants that your executives need, think about hiring virtual workers, using new forms of technology and hiring fewer assistants to work with more executives.

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