Try standing at your desk.

There is an increasing amount of concern that we are sitting around in the office, both external and at home, far too much. What can be done about it? One of the most prominent suggestions is that you take regular breaks and move around for ten minutes if you’ve been sat for fifty. This is just a guideline, you don’t have to wait for fifty minute if you want to move around or you fancy moving for longer than ten minutes.

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You could try standing at your desk. Now, that might sound as if I have taken leave of my senses but it is actually a thing. Not that you want to stand for too long, there was a time when we stood up for far too long, like when we worked in Mills for 12 hours a day. How can you operate a desk if you are standing up all the time? There is a way to do it.

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It’s time to take a look at your desk. There are desks that you can buy that rise with you so that you can stand, these are usually electronic. There are also risers that go up and down with you that sit on your existing desk.

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