Women’s Rights At Work

Women's Rights At Work

It is finished; you have given your employment record, purchased in a hurry in the nearest office, into the hands of a client manager. And here you are a working woman. It’s time to figure out what are the Women’s rights at work. No, we do not doubt that you are in a burning hut and a galloping horse, but there are things that must be read for working women.

Women’s rights at work guide

What do we know about women’s rights at work? We know that rights are unlikely to be voiced at the interview in the first place, but the duties are clearly defined positions. We will not prevaricate, sometimes it is the attitude towards a woman at work and the fear of losing a job that makes you dismiss the thought that something is not quite right. But there is no less useless occupation than ignoring the problem.

Women's Rights At Work

Women’s rights at work are regulated by the Labor Code, there is also a list of government decrees on jobs where women simply will not be accepted, there is no need to rewrite them, they are freely available. You should find this information and learn. Lists can be impressive, we will focus on some highlights. Women have the right not to work where:

  • Life-threatening
  • Very hard physical work associated with weight lifting
  • Works are carried out at night.
  • Works take place underground
  • Work is carried out at temperatures above or below acceptable
  • Works are conducted in a hostile environment.

Women have the right to:

  • childcare leave
  • additional wellness holidays
  • maternity leave with space
  • part-time work for reasons of caring for a sick relative
  • equal salary with a man in similar positions

In general, along with the entire list of men’s rights, there is still a considerable list, and even the right to appeal to the court about the fact of any violations of existing laws.

Thus, even a pregnant employee can be calm and work without fear that her work will not be paid or she will be left without proper benefits and payments. The state provides for paid leave before childbirth, a break in work with the preservation of seniority and workplace after childbirth (maternity leave), and children’s payments for having a baby. Prenatal leave is issued from the 30th week of pregnancy, but if a pregnant employee is very important to the manager and feels well, she has the right to issue a decree a couple of weeks later. It is necessary to create at the same time comfortable conditions for her in the workplace and avoid stressful situations in every possible way.

“What is her employee?” She is a woman! ”

Attitudes toward women at work no doubt depend on the team, the mood of the leadership and the field of activity. Particularly vividly the women’s rights at work and the attitude towards them interest those who fell into the male kingdom. Often you will encounter a rainbow of prejudice, prejudice, and prejudice:

  • They will try to seduce you with an obvious goal or so that you do not interfere with working as they are used to. Or maybe later to discredit and eliminate you, or just to argue – males, polygamy, everything.
  • The second – I want to write see item 1 because it will be so. But after your repeated refusal, you may be ignored or not taken seriously, especially if you are in leadership positions. Explanations and reasons: “She’s a woman!” What, you are at a loss? But the men have already understood each other.
  • Third: raising and equal pay can be a problem because long patriarchy in our country leads to the fact that a man is chosen more often for a leading position, and wages are raised more often.

It is believed that women are more spontaneous, emotional, unpredictable, inexplicable, and in the end, you just get used to it, and she takes her and gets pregnant!

In general, at first, it will be definitely not boring. But to adapt, get used to, behave with dignity and take your place under the sun you will always succeed. You will need a sense of tact, patience, observation, a sense of humor, ease of communication. And the main condition to earn the respect of colleagues as an equal will be a thorough knowledge of the business. Ultimately, you will realize that working in a well-coordinated male team, when the lapping process is completed, is an ideal mechanic, everything is clear, clear, predictable, the gear to the gear. The mass of successful women, having been in different teams, eventually begin to give preference to exclusively male companies.

It is clear that sometimes there is a feeling that you are the one who pulls the familiar swan cancer and pike in all directions. Alas, the era of the Internet literally from the threshold plunges you into the abyss of information completely contradictory. But your workbook is already filled with the “accepted” line, you have already fallen into a tight knot of life circumstances and now you need to figure it out.

Ahead is the first work in your life, a new team, you have to combine career and personal life, put a priority on something, and if you are a woman, then the decree is possible. And whether it is possible to work in the decree? In general, you begin to think, and immediately want to eat porridge in kindergarten and sleep at lunch. Without panic, our series of articles will give you confidence.

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